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Why Choose Us

If you want to invest your money in Indian market, using Investor Desk NRI may be a great choice. We provide helpful investment platform for diversified investment that fit your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Additionally, we give investors access to exclusive resources and investment possibilities that may not be accessible to individual investors. By working with us, you can take advantage of our expert platform to make wise investment choices and potentially meet your financial goals

Multi Product

Use several of our portfolios that trade globally

Industry Experience

Support teams with years of experience in the field

Dedicated Team

Supporting our clients around the clock

Seamlessly Integrated

Easy to access digital records

Technology First

Use our website or mobile app

24/7 Reporting

Have the ability to control your portfolio anytime on the mobile app

Do more with the app

  • To Log In , download the mobile app
  • View portfolios
  • Execute transactions
  • Generate portfolio reports.
  • View portfolio dashboards.


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